About Us

Mission Statement of CTL:

The Center for Teaching and Learning at AUA supports faculty to inspire, cultivate, and continuously enhance the educational process and student experience through research-based, creative, pedagogy, and instructional design to achieve academic excellence.

Main Services Provided:

  • Professional Educational Development Events
  • Curation and development of a collection of books dedicated to teaching and learning housed within the AUA library
  • Development of instructional guides and resources on different teaching techniques and topics
  • Syllabus creation assistance, consultation, and open office hours
  • Teaching observations and consultations
  • Facilitation of peer class observations
  • Facebook page social media presence for online interaction, content distribution, and scholarly culture development
  • YouTube Channel with helpful instructional videos on different teaching and learning topics

Meet our Staff:

Brent A. Anders, PhD


Brent A. Anders, Ph.D. has a Doctorates degree in Education (focus was in Adult Learning and online instruction) from Kansas State University, a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney (focus was in instructional technology), and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology (focus was in human-computer interactions/usability).

Anders has worked in higher education for over twenty years, extensively working as a face-to-face and online instructor, an educational media consultant dealing with video production, live webcasting, student engagement, user experience, instructional technology, and as a course developer/instructional designer.

Anders also served in the U.S. Army for over 26 years, as an airborne infantryman, public affairs reporter, battalion command sergeant major, and a certified international military instructor. Anders retired from the U.S. Army in 2018, after assisting the Kansas State Partnership Program in association with the U.S. Embassy working with the government of Armenia.

Anders has also done multiple public speaking events and presentations throughout the United States and other parts of the world as well as authoring books, research articles, and blog posts dealing with different aspects of instruction, online learning, and educational technology.

Email: [email protected]

Suzan Sahakyan, MA

Assessment Coordinator

Suzan Sahakyan has a Master’s degree in TEFL from the American University of Armenia, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature. She has over 8 years of international and local experience in teaching. The courses Suzan taught include General English, Medical English, and ESP. Suzan previously worked as a University Lecturer, School Instructor, and International Programs Curriculum Developer. Being currently employed as the Assessment Coordinator at the Office of Institutional Research, Suzan maintains her interest in teaching & learning, and professional development. She envisions positive changes through quality education.

Email: [email protected]